Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Why does the Institute require a certain level of language proficiency?

We require at least a 200-level (2nd-year college level) proficiency for Spanish and Arabic, and at least a 300-level (3rd-year college level) proficiency for other languages in order to offer specialized, content-based language courses.  Please note that it is not the number of years of language study you have completed that determines eligibility to enter our language program, but rather what what you can currently do with the language.

During new student orientation or at the beginning of the semester language courses will first be taken,   students must demonstrate through our language placement test that they meet the language's minimum proficiency level requirement.  Please also note that language proficiency does not remain the same over time.  Thus, even if you have studied the language extensively in the past, we still need to assess your proficiency at the time of enrollment, particularly if you have taken time off from your language study.