Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

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Sample Courses in English Studies

Debate and Critical Reading
EAPP 8330
Students will explore controversial issues and explore their reactions to them. They will learn how to argue both sides of an issue in order to hone oral communication and analytical skills.
Business Communication for International Students
EAPP 8380

Centers around the rhetoric and stylistic conventions of written business prose. Provides process-oriented writing practice. Students write and revise business letters, resumes, memos, reports, etc.

Exploring Rhetoric and Genre
EAPP 8452
Hones research and writing skills in order to create fluid and interesting prose appropriate for the graduate level. The content of the course will include a series of short essays and a final research paper that may be prepared in conjunction with another course.
Navigating the Process: Advanced Strategic Writing
EAPP 8494

Concentrates on giving non-native speakers of English the necessary tools to edit their own writing. Uses short in-class writing and papers from other classes to sharpen our editing skills.

Faculty of English Studies

Visiting Assistant Professor
IIRC Building Office 1

Advanced research, writing, editing, critical thinking, and presentation skills;

English grammar, rhetoric, composition, and vocabulary development;

Content-based instruction, inter-cultural communication;

Comparative literature and poetry.

Assistant Professor & Writing Center Director
Simoneau House

Advanced Research Writing, Editing Writing, English conversation skills, grammar, rhetoric and composition skills

Associate Professor
M102B McCone Building

English for academic purposes