Stephanie Lain

Adjunct Professor

I am most passionate about discovery. I spend a lot of time thinking about the world, about society, about why we do the things we do and how we learn the things we know.    

I enjoy many things about teaching at MIIS, but what I enjoy most is perhaps the sense of community that builds over the semester, together with the feeling of working towards a common goal. What excites me about being at MIIS is the diversity of experience and breadth of knowledge that the faculty and the student population bring.


First and second language development, practical phonetics, Hispanic linguistics

Recent Accomplishments

I am a speech scientist and foreign language educator. I received my M.A. and Ph.D. in Spanish from the University of Texas at Austin, where I was enrolled in the Romance Linguistics program. My primary research interest is in experimental phonetics and speech production. As a foreign language educator, I have taught beginning through advanced levels of Spanish as well as linguistics courses such as First and Second Language Development, Practical Phonetics and Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics. I have a strong interest in technology-mediated problem-based learning and the use of authentic materials in the language classroom.

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