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Sean Curran

Adjunct Faculty

I am passionate about human rights, the ocean, languages, and foreign policy.

Learning a new language opens one’s mind to new experiences. I strive to provide my students with the Spanish and cultural skills necessary for employment, studies, and life in the Spanish-speaking world. With content-based instruction I guide and motivate students to pursue their academic and professional interests in Spanish. This is so exciting and gratifying because my students often find jobs, internships, and fellowships in Spanish-speaking countries.


I have completed postgraduate studies in didactics and linguistics in the Spanish Basque Country. I currently teach content-based Spanish language classes related to social justice, history, Latin American history, US-Latin American policy, international trade, economics, and international relations. I learned to speak Spanish and Basque fluently while living in Spain and teaching ESL(English as a Second Language). Because of my strong belief in both grammar fundamentals and immersion, I also lived and worked in Puerto Rico and Chile--where my love for the ocean and Spanish combined beautifully.

Recent Accomplishments

Graduated from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in May 2012

Taught as a Spanish TA at MIIS 2012

Became a Spanish Professor at MIIS in 2013

Surfed Waimea Bay, Hawaii, March 2014

Previous Work

Monterey Institute of International Studies, Custom Language Services: English and Spanish Instructor. Winter 2014-Present

Monterey Institute of International Studies. Summer Intensive Language Program: Tutor and Activity Guide. Summer 2013

Monterey Institute of International Studies. Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education: Spanish TA. 2012

American Translator’s Association: Spanish-English Translator and Interpreter. 2005-2010.

Home School Instructor. 9th Grade, Bilingual Education. Isabela, Puerto Rico. 2007.

Elduaien Language Academy: Professor of English Language. San Sebastián, Spain. 2004-2006.

Colegio Erain: Professor of English Language and Spanish Literature. Irún, Spain. 2003.


2012 The Monterey Institute of International Studies: M.A., International Policy Studies.

2005 The University of the Basque Country: Psicodidáctica de la lengua y la literatura.

2002 University of California, San Diego, B.A., English and Spanish Literature.

1998 Loyola High School of Los Angeles, Jesuit College Preparatory.

Course List

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ESLA 8292 - EPGS ActiveListeningStrategies      

Summer 2017 Language Programs, MIIS Summer ESLA

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SPLA 8216 - Latin America & Its People      

This course will facilitate interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational skills development in Spanish at the intermediate level. Students will work on projects and materials related to the past and present of Latin America, beyond geopolitical borders.

Fall 2017 - MIIS

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SPLA 8262 - Communication and Society      

This course provides a space for students to develop oral and written communication in Spanish at a high beginner level, with emphasis on oral production and interaction. Students will also deepen their knowledge of Hispanic societies and strengthen their intercultural competence through contact with Spanish speakers.

Spring 2018 - MIIS

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SPLA 8310 - Hispanic Language & Culture I      

Covers Spanish grammatical structures and idioms, combining oral practice and a systematic study of vocabulary. Expression of ideas on discussion topics related to contemporary trends, current events and everyday life.

Spring 2017 - MIIS

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SPLA 8315 - Spanish Current Events      

This course will facilitate interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational skills development in Spanish at the advanced level. Discussion on topics related to contemporary trends and current events in the Hispanic world will be combined with audiovisual and news analysis, within a project-based framework.

Fall 2016 - MIIS

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SPLA 8320 - Contemp Language & Culture II      

Continuation of Language and Culture I, review of structures, idiomatic expressions, and features of Hispanic cultures of several regions and countries. Written exercises, frequent oral reports, discussions of current issues from authentic sources.

Fall 2017 - MIIS

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