María Jesús Iglesias-Barca


Maria Jesus Iglesias Barca is currently an Instructor in the Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education (GSTILE). She is also a Spanish Instructor for the Custom Language Services (CLS). Before coming to the Institute, she taught Spanish at All Saints’ Day Middle School, International School of Monterey (5th ­to 8th grades), and Santa Catalina Lower, Middle, and Upper School. Prior to coming to Monterey, she was a Lecturer of Spanish at Pennsylvania State University for five years. Some of the courses she taught were Grammar and Composition, Basic Language Program (Beginner and Intermediate), and Advanced Conversation. She was also a Spanish Instructor and a Latino Liaison Officer at Howard School of Continuing Education, Howard University, Silver Spring, MD.  Aside from teaching experiences, Maria Iglesias Barca also served as Translator for Technical Text at I-Tech Translations in Oxford, U.K. She also worked as a Medical Secretary and Translator at a private medical office, translating medical journals from English to Spanish while she was living in Spain.

In 1993, Maria Iglesias Barca received her MA degree in Theoretical Linguistics at Reading University in United Kingdom. Her thesis was on “Pronoun Position in the Null Subject Romance Languages: The Case of Galician.” She presented her thesis at the IV Congreso Internacional de Estudios Gallegos (‘IV Conference of the International Association of Galician Studies’), at Queen’s College, Oxford University.


Spanish grammar and composition, Spanish advanced conversation


Licentiate degree

MA, Theoretical Linguistics, Reading University, United Kingdom

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SPLA 8291 - EvolvngSoc-HispanicCountries      

Fall 2013 - MIIS

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SPLA 8292 - Topics in the HispanicWorld II      

Spring 2015 - MIIS

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SPLA 8310 - Hispanic Language & Culture I      

Covers Spanish grammatical structures and idioms, combining oral practice and a systematic study of vocabulary. Expression of ideas on discussion topics related to contemporary trends, current events and everyday life.

Fall 2013 - MIIS, Spring 2014 - MIIS, Spring 2015 - MIIS

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SPLA 8320 - Contemp Language & Culture II      

Continuation of Language and Culture I, review of structures, idiomatic expressions, and features of Hispanic cultures of several regions and countries. Written exercises, frequent oral reports, discussions of current issues from authentic sources.

Spring 2014 - MIIS, Fall 2014 - MIIS

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SPLA 8384 - Culture & Conflict in Latin Am      

Fall 2014 - MIIS

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