Monterey Institute of International Studies

Mahabat Baimyrzaeva

Assistant Professor

What is it that you are most passionate about?

I am passionate about bringing the best in my students and help them realize their potential.   I am also very curious how institutions – rules and their enforcement mechanisms that mediate relationships in society, organizations, and families – change, so that we can design institutions that are more conducive for more fulfilling lives.    

What do you enjoy most about being a professor at MIIS?

I feel privileged to work with the many exceptional MIIS students who are pragmatic idealists - bright and courageous young people who understand the daunting challenges in building a better future globally, and yet remain optimistic and driven to make a positive contribution.  These students inspire me to try harder and do my best to facilitate their learning and development.


Institution Building/Development, Institutional Change and Theory, Nation/State Building, Governance, Public Sector Reform, Administrative Reform, Corruption, Capacity Building/Development, Organizational Management and Development, Culture Analysis and Change, Policy Analysis, International and Global Policy, Applied Research Methods , Democratic Transition, Civic Engagement
Innovative Teaching and Learning Methods, Regional expertise: Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, Post-Soviet Countries

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Recent Accomplishments

In 2012 published a single authored book “Institutional Reforms in Public Sector: What Did We Learn?”

This book is concerned with recurring failures in public sector institutional reforms promoted by international development agencies.  It answers the following pressing questions in international development theory and practice: What does it take to design effective government institutions and sustain positive changes?  What have we learned about the attempts to deliberately design and redesign public sector institutions in different countries?  What works and what doesn't, and why?  What happens when reforms fail?  This book pushes the boundaries of existing theories on institutional change and draws insights for researchers and practitioners of institutional reforms by synthesizing lessons from past experiences and findings from multiple disciplines.   

In 2012, Professor Baimyrzaeva designed and delivered Strategic Planning in the Context of Counter Terrorism Efforts an intensive half day session as part of the training “ Strategic Level Small Craft Combating Terrorism”, organized by Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School (NAVSCIATTS) for participants from anti-terrorism units from 14 different countries around the world in Stennis, Mississippi.   

In 2011 and 2012, Professor Baimyrzaeva designed and delivered intensive trainings on policy analysis (in Russian) for government policy analysts and civil society representatives from various Central Asian states, by invitation from the OSCE Academy in Bishkek. 

In spring 2011, Professor Baimyrzaeva coordinated the colloquium on Nation Building Colloquium which brought together leading experts specializing in various dimensions of nation building to weekly evening talks and social events with students.

Previous Work

Prior to joining the Monterey Institute, Mahabat held various positions in local and international organizations in Kyrgyzstan working on development, humanitarian assistance, and institutional capacity building, and also worked as a teaching associate at the University of Southern California. 


PhD, Public Administration from University of Southern California (USC);

Masters in Public Administration, University of Hawaii

Diploma, International law from International University of Kyrgyzstan

Recent Publications

Baimyrzaeva, Mahabat, (2012), Institutional Reforms in Public Sector: What Did We Learn?  Emerald Publishing.

Baimyrzaeva Mahabat, (2011).  Kyrgyzstan’s Public Sector Reforms: 1991 – 2010. International Journal of Public Administration, volume 34, issue 9, pp. 555-566

Baimyrzaeva, Mahabat, (2011).  Analysis of Public Administration Reforms in Kyrgyzstan in Light of Its Recent Governance Crises. International Public Management Review. Volume 12, issue 1. pp. 22-46.

Baimyrzaeva, Mahabat. (2011).  Book review, Public Administration in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Macao by Evan Berman (ed.).  Public Organization Review, Springer, vol. 12(2), pp. 209-211, June. 

Baimyrzaeva, Mahabat. (2007). Corruption and Legitimacy Problems in Post-Communist States (book review).  Public Administration Review, May/June, pp. 592-594.

Baimyrzaeva, Mahabat. (2005).  Institutional Reforms in Kyrgyzstan. Central Asian Studies Review, volume 4, issue 1, pp. 29-35.

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