Luc Soenen

Adjunct Professor

Professor Soenen has taught in the department of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Eindhoven University of Technology; Antwerp Business School; Limburg University Centre; University of San Diego; California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Professor Soenen's research and teaching interests focus on corporate finance, working capital, capital budgeting, and international financial management.  He has published three books and over 100 articles in international academic journals including the Asia Pacific Journal of Finance, the European Management Journal, and the Financial Analysts Journal.


Corporate finance, foreign exchange management, international capital markets, international finance

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IMGT 8639 - Foreign Exchange Management      

This course deals with the diverse ways in which a company is exposed to foreign exchange risk and in particular how to manage these kinds of exposures. Emphasis is on the corporate view of international financial management. In additional to theoretical concepts, this course offers ample practical applications in the form of problems and case studies.
Prerequisites: IMGT 8536 or other finance course

Spring 2011 - MIIS

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IMGT 8696 - Wks:Treasury Management      

This course focuses on monitoring and controlling balance sheet variables with less than one year to maturity. Topics include financial planning, cash collection, concentration and disbursement, receivables, payables, inventory management, short-term investing and borrowing, interest risk management. An intensive case approach is the method of instruction.

Spring 2011 - MIIS

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