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Li Juan Zhang

Adjunct Professor

Professor Zhang was a Fulbright Scholar at the Institute from 1997-1999 and served as a research fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University from 2006-2007. She is a full professor in the School of Economics at Shandong University in China. She has authored and co-authored five books and published about twenty academic papers in a number of professional journals.


International Economics; International Trade Policy; Commercial Diplomacy; Trade Negotiations; US-China Trade Relations


Ph.D., Economics, Shandong University; MA, Commercial Diplomacy, Monterey Institute of International Studies; BA Economics, Shandong University

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ITDG8573 / DPPG9573 - US-China Trade Relations      

This course offers an economic approach for addressing the US-China trade related issues in an effort to prepare MIIS students for the complex realities of US-China trade and commercial diplomacy. Given the fact that China may overtake the U.S. to become the world’s largest economy in the near future, the practical aim of this course is to prepare MIIS students for navigating the future US-China political and economic environment. This is critical as tensions within their roles as future government and business leaders are sure to be present. As a consequence, students will develop a better understanding of how US-China trade and economic diplomacy has been built based on increasing interdependence of the two large economies, growing bilateral trade, engaging American strategy, the rising power of China and their collective impacts on overall US-China relations.

Fall 2015 - MIIS, MIIS Workshop

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