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Kang Liao

Adjunct Faculty

I am passionate about the struggle for human as well as animal rights and social justice.

What I enjoy most about teaching at MIIS is seeing views of the world, cultures, and ways of thinking reflected in language differences.

I teach at the Institute in my spare time after my regular work as Interpreter Training Manager at Language Line Services. I taught American and British literature, translation, English composition, Chinese, and ESL at West Virginia University, SUNY at New Paltz, Aberdeen University (UK), and Beijing Normal University (China).


Translation of medical and literary texts as well as methods of English-Chinese translation.


Recent Accomplishments

Ancient Ferry of Xijin a book translated from Chinese to English and published by Xanadu Publishing Co. Ltd., UK, in 2016.

Su Embroidery a book translated from Chinese to English and published by Xanadu Publishing Co. Ltd., UK, in 2014.

Previous Work

Pearl S. Buck: A Cultural Bridge across the Pacific a book written and published in English. Westport: Greenwood Press, USA, 1997.


91-95 Ph. D. in English, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, USA.

85-87 M. Litt. in English, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

78-82 B. A. in English, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China.


2003: Over 300 movie reviews, literary critical essays, and stories on magazines including: Watching Now the World, Opera, Kaifang, China Spring, China Press, and cnd.org, the first and foremost international Chinese website.

1993: One hundred entries on western music and literature in Adult Education Encyclopedia. China: The South Sea Publishing Company.

1992: Translation of the chapter “Proverbs” in An American Cultural Legacy. Beijing: World Knowledge Press.

1990: High School English (Wrote the script and co-presented the 40-hour video program with Huang Juan). Beijing: High Education Press.

1989: The Marlows (Wrote the teaching script and co-presented this TV English teaching program with Katherine Flower from BBC). Beijing and Hong Kong: CCTV.

1989: Co-translation of Mao: A Biography by R. Terrill. Beijing: World Knowledge Press.

1988: Co-translation of The Rise and Fall of Lin Piao by Jaap van Ginneken. Beijing: World Knowledge Press.

1987: Co-translation from English of Selected Poems from Yugoslavia. Beijing: Writers Press.

1985: Co-translation of Fast Reading: A Teaching Manual. Beijing Normal University Press.

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