Jean Turner


I taught English as a Second Language (ESL/EFL) for a variety of schools beginning in 1976 with my Peace Corps service in Morocco. Before coming to the Institute I was Assistant Director of ESL Services at UCLA and taught classes on assessment at California State University, Los Angeles. I joined the Institute faculty in 1990 and in 1997 was the recipient of the Institutes' Dean's Award of Teaching Excellence. In 2008, I was honored by receiving the Dr. Leslie Ellison Teacher of Excellence Award.

I have consulted on test development projects and teacher training in the areas of assessment and curriculum design for various organizations, including Cambridge University Press, the Egyptian Fulbright Foundation, Educational Testing Service, AMIDEAST and Second Language Testing, Inc. Most recently, I have been working with Second Language Testing, Inc. on the design and development of tests of interpretation and translation in the languages of Pashto, Dari, and Farsi. My current research interest is in the areas of assessing advanced language, including assessing the skills and language proficiency of court and medical interpreters. I am the author and co-author of articles published in the Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, TESOL Quarterly, The Content-Based Classroom, CATESOL Journal, Preparing the Professoriate of Tomorrow to Teach, and Language Testing.


Language testing, assessment, program evaluation, research design and statistics


PhD, Applied Linguistics; MA, TESOL, University of California, Los Angeles

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EDUC 8510 - Educational Research Methods      

Introduces social science research design, descriptive and analytic procedures, basic statistics, and their application to research on language learning and teaching.

Spring 2011 - MIIS, Fall 2011 - MIIS, Spring 2012 - MIIS, Fall 2012 - MIIS, Spring 2013 - MIIS, Fall 2013 - MIIS, Spring 2014 - MIIS, Fall 2014 - MIIS, Spring 2015 - MIIS

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EDUC 8530 - Accent Modification      

This course is designed to support students studying for degrees in translation, interpretation, or teaching English who wish to reduce the influence of their dominant language on their pronunciation of American English. Students address idiosyncrasies in intonation and the pronunciation of contextualized consonants and vowels through both class and individualized activities. An important component of the class is on-going assessment, which is used to direct and track students’ progress in modifying the influence of their first language on their production of English.

Fall 2011 - MIIS

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EDUC 8540 - Language Assessment      

Considers issues in language assessment including reliability, validity, test bias, and authenticity. Examines differences and similarities among placement, proficiency, achievement, aptitude, and performance testing. Explores alternative evaluation procedures. Prepares students to evaluate tests and to develop original language tests. Prerequisites: Language Analysis and Educational Research Methods.

Spring 2011 - MIIS, Spring 2012 - MIIS, Spring 2013 - MIIS, Spring 2014 - MIIS, Spring 2015 - MIIS

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EDUC 8559 - Teaching of Speaking      

Spring 2014 - MIIS, Spring 2015 - MIIS

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EDUC 8650 - Portfolio Seminar      

Consists of a series of workshops leading to the integration of issues and ideas in the MA program, and to the development of a portfolio of work.

Spring 2011 - MIIS, Spring 2012 - MIIS, Summer 2012 - MIIS, Fall 2012 - MIIS, Fall 2013 - MIIS

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LING 8670 - Applied Linguistics Capstone      

Fall 2014 - MIIS

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