Monterey Institute of International Studies

María Sierra Córdoba Serrano

Associate Professor

Professor Córdoba Serrano joined the Monterey Institute of International Studies in September 2009 from the University of Ottawa, Canada. She has been a freelance translator since 2003 and has translated for clients in both the private and public sectors within the fields of IT, international development and international law, but is principally interested in the translation of literature and of works and articles in the humanities and social sciences.

In the field of research, Dr. Córdoba has published numerous articles on the sociology of translation in scholarly journals such as META, TTR, MonTi, Quaderns, Globe, Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures, and in various collective works. She is finishing the conversion of her Ph.D. thesis, Cartographie socio-traductionnelle des transferts littéraires Québec-Espagne (1975-2004), into a book and is presently working on several literary translation projects.

She is a member of the American Literary Translators Association, American Association of Translation Studies, Canadian Association of Canadian Studies and the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies.  She is currently the Chair of Translation at MIIS.


Translation and revision from English and French into Spanish; sociology of translation.


Ph.D. in Translation Studies, University of Ottawa (Canada)

M.A. in Translation, University of Ottawa (Canada)

Licenciatura en Traducción e Interpretación, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)

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