Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Constantin Gurdgiev

Visiting Professor

1. What is it that you are most passionate about?

Deep fundamentals: from big trends to major inflection points behind them, from investment markets and trading to social environments and institutions.

2. What do you enjoy most about teaching and/or what excites you about being a professor at MIIS?

Teaching is an act of challenging my comfort zone of an expert, aided by experiences and curiosity of students and peers. MIIS' small class-sized, diverse and international student body and faculty, as well as cross-disciplinary focus on ESG and enterprise risks, offer a fertile ground for such challenges.


My expertise ranges from identifying thematic trends in global investment markets, to formulating macro strategy and analyzing related risks, from thought leadership to linking theory and empirical fields in finance and economics. I work with institutional and professional investors, traders and asset managers in helping shape investment strategies in the world of macroeconomic uncertainty. I also work with Fintech entrepreneurs to help them develop sustainable and long-term focused growth and financing strategies.

Recent Accomplishments

I worked in many settings, from being an entrepreneur to advising entrepreneurs, from leading an equity markets research team to providing investment markets advice and strategy, from a position of though leadership in a major multinational corporation to setting up a non-profit charity. And all along: surviving in a research-active academia, that parallel universe which I joined some 17 years ago.


PhD Macroeconomics and Finance, Trinity College, Dublin

MA Economics, John Hopkins University


Academic and select policy work:


Most recent book:

Lessons from the Great Recession: At the Crossroads of Sustainability and Recovery, edited by Constantin Gurdgiev, Liam Leonard & Alejandra Maria Gonzalez-Perez, Emerals, ASEJ, Vol. 18; ISBN 978-1-78560-743-1. Published in April 2016.

Previous Books:

Perspectives on International Debt, edited by Constantin Gurdgiev, Sharon Jackson and Colm Kearney, Institute for International Integration Studies (IIIS) and The Liffey Press, Dublin, 2007, ISBN-10: 1905785240

What if Ireland Defaults?, edited by Brian Lucey, Constantin Gurdgiev and Charles Larkin, Orpen Press, 2012, ISBN 10: 1871305489

My blog: http://trueeconomics.blogspot.com

Professional Columns and Frequent Contributions

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MBAG 8561 Managerial Economics

MBAG 8652 Behavioral Finance

MBAG 8678 Investment Analysis & ESG Risk

MBAG 8679 Risk & Resilience: Applications in Risk Management

MBAG 8680 Enterprise Risk Management

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