Christer Mossberg

Adjunct Professor


Trade and trade agreements


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IMGT 8653 - Wks:Intl Business Law      

This is an introductory survey course to introduce students to the legal framework that regulates and provides structure in which companies conduct business in the international marketplace. Topics will include; (i) the international sale of goods and services and the multilateral arrangements that regulate cross-border trade, including various types of import restrictions and export controls; and (ii) a more focused look at foreign investment, including how and why a company chooses to structure its presence abroad as a joint venture, or to acquire or merge with an existing company, or to establish a teaming arrangement. We will examine specific issues that arise in certain types of international contracts including distribution agreements, franchise agreements, license agreements and sourcing agreements. We will pay particular attention to technology transfer questions, including how distinct legal and cultural values affect the recognition of, and a company’s ability to protect, intellectual property rights.

Spring 2010 - MIIS

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