Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Christopher McShane

Visiting Professor in International Education Management

What is it that you are most passionate about?

I am passionate about educating tomorrow’s leaders. I hope to provide them with concepts and skills that will help them develop personally and professionally in order to meet the challenges of our complex world.

What do you enjoy most about teaching and/or what excites you about being a professor at MIIS?

What excites me about being a professor at MIIS is being a part of this rich environment where ideas, cultures and experiences combine to create a place for reflection, learning and development. After a 25-year career in international relations, I am glad to be able to share my experiences and lessons with students, and I learn new things in every interaction with them. The global approach to every aspect of MIIS makes it a perfect fit for me.


International Management, Cross-Cultural Communication, Public Diplomacy/Citizen Diplomacy, and International Relations

Recent Accomplishments

  • Guest Lecturer, International Affairs, Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA
  • Consultant, Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT), Sacramento, CA — advise on projects bringing international students to the U.S. for undergraduate and graduate study
  • Editor, "An Introduction to Modern Arab Culture," by Bassam K. Frangieh, Chair, Department of History and Modern Languages, Claremont McKenna College, publication autumn, 2015

Previous Work

Expert in global studies, international management and cross-cultural communication with experience at U.S. embassies, the Department of State, and the White House.  25-year career as a Foreign Service Officer in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.  Public diplomacy specialist with background in academic and professional exchanges, public affairs and educational outreach programs.


MSc, International Relations, London School of Economics, London, UK; BA, International Relations, Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA; Graduate Coursework, School of Advances International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC

Course List

Courses offered in the past four years.
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IEMG 8540 - Staff Managmnt in Intl Context      

Examining the complexities of staff management in international and multinational contexts, this course will include discussion of job description development, advertisement, selection processes, salary setting and negotiation, ethics, workers’ rights, and managing remote teams. Establishing trust, staff motivation, communication skills and leadership styles will also be studied in both organizational and cross-cultural contexts.

Fall 2016 - MIIS, Spring 2017 - MIIS, Fall 2017 - MIIS, Spring 2018 - MIIS

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IEMG 8615 - Project Management      

This interactive course will present the knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently; on time and in budget. Project management is a strategic competency for organizations, enabling them to tie project results to established goals. The course will include modules on overall project management and processes; teamwork, staff management and communication; tools, systems and technology; scope and time management; and quality management and analysis. Students will design and run simulated projects throughout the course, utilizing techniques demonstrated in class.

Spring 2017 - MIIS, MIIS Winter/J Term only, Spring 2018 - MIIS, MIIS Winter/J Term only

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IEMG 8632 - Citizen Diplomacy      

This course will examine how “Citizen Diplomacy,” or people to people exchanges that operate outside traditional diplomatic channels, can be utilized to enhance international education programs. The course will look at best practices in designing, running and evaluating citizen diplomacy programs with relevant case studies and class exercises. Topical areas including English teaching, academic and professional exchanges, homestays, and internships will be explored within the citizen diplomacy context. Readings and discussions on the related fields of public diplomacy and corporate diplomacy/CSR will explore the interplay of government and non-government entities with citizen diplomats.

Spring 2017 - MIIS, MIIS First Half of Term, Spring 2017 - MIIS, MIIS Second Half of Term, Spring 2018 - MIIS, MIIS First Half of Term

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IEMG 8650 - Intl Education Mgmt Practicum      

While undertaking an approved professional practicum in the International Education Management field, students will be responsible for rigorous academic performance, equivalent in quantity and quality to the requirements for equivalent on-campus coursework. Students will demonstrate their application of theory to practice through completion of multiple deliverables.

Fall 2016 - MIIS, Spring 2017 - MIIS, Fall 2017 - MIIS, Spring 2018 - MIIS

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