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Chuanyun Bao


It has been a long time since the summer of 1990 when I left my job at the United Nations Office in Geneva where I served as a staff interpreter to join the faculty at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.  Over these years, I have taught sight translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, and briefly, translation. I have continued to work as a freelance interpreter for corporations, institutions, the United Nations and other international organizations. I have also ventured into academic research, and recently in training the trainers for translation and interpretation.  Except for a few years when I served as dean of the school of translation and interpretation, I think I have been wearing three hats in my life at the Institute: a teacher, a conference interpreter/translator, and a practitioner-researcher, a profile that is much similar to many of my colleagues here at the Institute.

Like my colleagues, I have been trying to bring both my professional experience and research into the classroom, so that students will learn not only how, but also why as they tackle the difficulties in the training in translation and interpretation. One of the topics in my research is the cognitive process to Chinese into English translation and interpretation. As a native speaker of Chinese who has been in the profession for a while, I think I have built up some experience and theory that I can share with my students and help them develop an appropriate cognitive approach to translation and interpreting into foreign language. Nothing makes me happier to see my students making progress in an often frustrating and challenging but yet rewarding learning experience at one of the leading T&I programs of the world.


Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation and translation of Chinese and English


Diploma in Translation and Conference Interpretation, United Nations Translators and Interpreters Program (now the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation), Beijing Foreign Studies University; visiting student in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Nanjing University, China; diploma in English language and literature, Xuzhou Normal University, China

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