Alexandra Velikoshapko

Adjunct Faculty

Alexandra Velikoshapko teaches courses such as Current Social and Political Issues and Political and Ethnic Conflict in Modern Russia. Her expertise is in creative learning environments and cooperative learning. She has extensive teaching experience and has helped to develop and implement comprehensive lesson plans that accommodate all levels of learners.


Russian language, Russian Literature, Russian Culture


MA, Russian, Magadan, USSR

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RULA 8321 - Current Social&Politicl Issues      

Students will be working with authentic Russian language materials from electronic sources in Russia and CIS. The course work has two distinct goals: (1) to expand the vocabulary related to politics, sociology, and security, as well as the ability to read, translate, and analyze primary information sources; and (2) to introduce the variety of interpretations of current political, social, and security trends in the Russian media and government discourse on contemporary subjects. Students will engage in vocabulary-expanding exercises, review of advanced grammar rules, individual and group presentations, writing and speaking assignments related to the most acute issues facing Russian society today.

Fall 2010 - MIIS

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RULA 8360 - Pol/EthnicConflict:Mod Russia      

Students will learn the chronology of ethnic conflicts that were sparked by political disintegration of the Soviet Union. They will read texts, documents and watch documentaries on the subject. They will examine the history of migration patterns that evolved as a result of ethnic conflicts, learn the impact of social and political chaos of political and economic systems’ disintegration on public health and education in the region. The language goals of the course will be to achieve familiarity with the vocabulary of the theme as well as further develop speaking and writing related to topics of politics, migration, religion and public health.

Spring 2011 - MIIS

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