Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

These are the procedures a student of the Institute must follow to register with the Naval Postgraduate School.

NPS Registration Procedures

  1. First-time and continuing NPS course takers should first contact Leana Lorio in the Registrar's office to coordinate gate access and parking. lelorio@nps.edu or (831) 656-3945. Please copy Philip Gonda in the NPS Dean of Students Office on all email correspondence: pagonda@nps.edu. To reach Philip by phone, dial (831) 656-7843. 
  2. Your NPS faculty member may offer to enroll you in Sakai (NPS' course management system) with a non-NPS email. Please decline. An NPS email and Sakai access will be set up during your registration process. 
  3. Request a signature from the NPS faculty member on your NPS Staff Employee Registration Form. Jen Holguin will have already signed as “Department Supervisor.” Under the “Applicant Employed by or Assigned to” field, you must select or type “MIIS.”
  4. Return this form to the Registrar’s office (Herrmann Hall room 022) during normal business hours (8am-4pm) prior to the Add/Drop Deadline (two weeks into the quarter). The Registrar’s office window attendant registers students for classes. As you may not receive the faculty member's signature until the first day of classes, it is alright to attend class before registering at the Registrar's office. 
  5. Note that the form must be submitted in person if you have never taken a course at NPS. Allow for 45 minutes to an hour for the entire process, including the steps below. If you have taken a previous NPS course, you may fax or email the completed and signed form per the instructions on the form, and steps 6 through 9 are not necessary.
  6. If required, the Registrar’s office window attendant may send the student to Student Services (Herrmann Hall Room 039).  Student Services will fill out a Network Account Request (NAR) form and send the student to the security manager.
  7. If required, take the NAR form to the security manager, located in Glasgow Room B 13.
  8. The security manager will authenticate the form and discuss NPS security with you.

9.  The Registrar's office or the security manager will send you to Student Services (Herrmann Hall Room 039) for network account creation. Here you may request an NPS ID card, which will facilitate access to resources on campus.  

10.  After grades are posted, the Registrar's office will send transcripts to the Institute for all students enrolled that quarter. You DO NOT need to request individual transcripts from the Registrar’s office. Note that the deadline for faculty to submit grades at NPS is the first Friday of the next quarter; your transcripts will be sent after this time.