Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Naval Postgraduate School

The Naval Postgraduate School is America's national security research university. To take courses at NPS, students must be enrolled full-time in the Graduate School of International Policy and Management and have at least a 3.5 GPA. (Creative Commons Photo)

The Institute has an agreement with the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) that allows our students to take their courses. The number of students who can take a course each semester is limited, so entrance into this program is highly selective.

Please Note

This program has been temporarily suspended. Please contact Jen Holguin at jhamblet@miis.edu for more information.


  • Students MUST register for their NPS course at both NPS and MIIS (see below for more info).
  • Credits earned at NPS are covered as part of your comprehensive tuition fee at MIIS.
  • NPS is on a quarter system with 10-week courses, so students taking 4 credit NPS courses will receive 3 credits/course at MIIS. These courses are not “transfer credits,” nor do they count against the transfer-credit allowance.
  • NPS courses must be taken for a grade; no auditing of NPS classes is allowed.
  • Only 1 course per semester and a total of 3 courses may be taken throughout the duration of your degree program.
  • Grades earned at NPS will be figured into the MIIS degree GPA and included on your final transcript.
  • Course information can be found here. Note that the schedule for the winter quarter will be released on December 9th. Because the application process at MIIS begins prior to the release of the NPS course schedule, you'll need to do your research! Reach out to NPS faculty about planned courses for the quarter.
  • Information for NPS students interested in taking courses at the Institute can be found on the NPS website.


  • Students must be enrolled full-time in the Graduate School of International Policy and Management to be eligible to take courses within any program at NPS.
  • Only those students with a 3.5 GPA or above will be considered.
  • Students must be in at least their second semester. Preference is given to students in their last two semesters. If you plan to participate in any of our professional immersion programs (IPSS, DPMI+, etc.), this may be taken into account in determining preference, as will advanced or accelerated entry status.

Selection and Enrollment Process

  1. Fill out the NPS Agreement Application. This information will be reviewed by your academic advisor. Applications for the winter quarter, starting January 6, are due by December 20, 2013.
  2. If you are seeking for this course to fulfill a degree-specific requirement, (rather than as an elective) please note it in your application so that your academic advisor and program chair can work with you on this process.
  3. As soon as you know which course(s) you'd like to take or at least which professor you'd like to take coursework from, find the faculty's contact information on the NPS website (listed on each department's pages) and reach out to them requesting permission to take their course. The decision to let you register for their course is entirely up to the NPS faculty member. Please be exceptionally professional in all communications with NPS professors and staff.
  4. If the professor agrees, you can proceed to enroll in the course here at the Institute. To register, please forward the email confirming the professor's permission to Jen Holguin and arrange a time to meet with her to sign your completed NPS Staff Registration Form. Once your form is signed by Jen, take it to the Records Office. This form does not need to contain all of the required NPS signatures to be considered sufficient for MIIS registration.
  5. You can then register at NPS by following the steps outlined in the NPS registration process.