Academic Programs

The Monterey Institute offers professional graduate programs, certificate and short-term programs, and a wide variety of language learning options.  We educate and prepare students to be the solution around the world.

Earn a Master's Degree in...

► Development Practice and Policy

• International Policy Studies

Human Security & Development; Trade, Investment & Development

• Public Administration (MPA)

Conflict, Security & Development; Social Entrepreneurship; Human Rights Development; Capacity Development

► International Business (MBA)

Business and International Development, Entrepreneurship; International Finance & Economics; International Marketing; International Sustainable Business

► International Education Management

Study Abroad Management; International Student and Scholar Services; Volunteer/Work/Intern Abroad Administration; International Service-Learning

► International Environmental Policy

Ocean & Coastal Resource Management; Business, Sustainability, & Development; Natural Resource Policy & Management

► Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons; Ideologies of Terrorist Groups; Counterterrorism; Science and Technology of WMD; Cybersecurity

► Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Language Teaching; Language Program Administration; Computer-Assisted Language Learning

► Teaching a Foreign Language (TFL)

Language Teaching; Language Program Administration; Computer-Assisted Language Learning

► Translation, Translation and Interpretation, or Conference Interpretation

Chinese; French; German; Japanese; Korean; Russian; Spanish (all paired with English)

► Translation and Localization Management

Chinese; French; German; Japanese; Korean; Russian; Spanish (all paired with English); Portuguese (English > Portuguese only)

Joint Master's Degrees

► Joint MBA / MA In International Environmental Policy Degree
► Joint MBA / MA in International Policy Studies Degree
► Joint MPA / MA in International Education Management Degree
► Joint MA / Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

Additional Programs

► Peace Corps Programs
Peace Corps Master’s International (PCMI)
Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellows

► Language Programs
Custom Language Services
English for Diplomats
Intensive English Programs
Language and Intercultural Studies
Middlebury-Monterey Summer Intensive College English
Summer Intensive Language Program

► Professional Development / Certificate Programs
Business Foundations Certificate
Computer-Assisted Language Learning
Conflict Resolution
Development Project Management Institute
Executive Education
Frontier Market Scouts
Peace, Trade and Development Program
International Environmental Policy
International Trade Policy
Language Program Administration
Language Teaching
Nonproliferation Studies Certificate Program
Teacher Training Programs
Terrorism Studies Certificate
Translation & Interpretation Short Programs