Earth Week

From April 21-25 the Monterey Institute community will hold the second annual Earth Week event on campus. Most of this year's events will take place in a fully sustainable Ecodome space provided by the Eco-Infinity Group.

The idea for Earth Week was born from a group of environmental policy graduate students wanting to raise awareness about sustainability issues. Earth Week's mission is to catalyze the Monterey Institute community to be the sustainable solution, and the vision is to actively educate our campus and the wider Monterey community to cultivate environmental leadership, innovation, and cultural change.

The 5-day long event will consist of debates, presentations, workshops, and activities all focused on different environmental problems. The themes for each day are:

Energy & Transportation

Monday April 21

7:30-9 AM – Breakfast for carbon free transport in the OGT Garden

12-2 PM – Solar City, MBEVA, Commute Alternatives table in the Ecodome

6-9 PM – Movie Screening and reception in the Ecodome

Earth Day

Tuesday April 22

12-2 PM – Discussion with Michelle Magdalena Maddox, Pollinators Protection, in the OGT Garden

12:15 - 2pm - Pop-Up Lunch & Working Session - Innovating "Green Teaching" Practices, in the Ecodome (RSVP Required)

4-6 PM – Critical Mass! local garden bike tour

6-7 PM – Reception in the Ecodome 


Wednesday April 23

7:30-8:30 AM – Water Run followed by breakfast, meet in the OGT Garden

12-2 PM – Aquaponics presentation and discussion in the OGT Garden

12 - 1 PM - Online lecture with Dr. Jason Scorse on The Future of California's Sea Otters: Sign up now >>

5-6PM Nor Any Drop to Drink? Wicked water challenge Pre-reception, Irvine Auditorium

6-7:30pm Nor Any Drop to Drink? Wicked water challenge team presentations and judging, Irvine Auditorium

7:30-8:30 PMNor Any Drop to Drink? Wicked water challenge selection of winner and reception, in the Ecodome

8:00-10:00 PM – Water trivia at the Mucky Duck (special MIIS discounts)


Thursday April 24

12 - 2 PM - Sustainable Diet panel in the Ecodome

4 - 5 PM - Vegan-minded tour of Whole Foods

5 - 7 PM - Vegan Cook-Off and sustainable potluck in the OGT Garden

Trash & Consumption

Friday April 25

10-12 PM – Plastic Challenge in the Ecodome

5-6 PM – Compost/teracycle workshop in the OGT Garden

7-10 PM – Movie screening and Earth Week reception in the Ecodome