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Foreign Policy Publishes CNS Deputy Director on Punishing Nuclear Smuggling Mastermind

September 21, 2009

Posted September 21, 2009

Leading international relations journal Foreign Policy has published an essay by Leonard S. Spector, deputy director of the Monterey Institute’s James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Sudies, suggesting a multipronged response to the release from supervisory custody of nuclear scientist and convicted weapons technology proliferator A.Q. Khan. Khan was under house arrest for five years following his conviction as the mastermind of a technology smuggling ring that aided the nuclear ambitions of North Korea, Libya, and Iran. Spector’s article advocates a multilateral approach that includes having the United Nations freeze Khan’s assets, and having him charged as a co-conspirator by one of several other countries who have succesfully prosecuted members of his smuggling ring under export control laws.

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