Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Annie Rouse: 2013 Fulbright Scholar


Annie Rouse is a joint degree student in the MBA/IEP program and will be a Fulbright Scholar in Canada studying industrial hemp.

May 21, 2013

Program: Joint MBA/International Environmental Policy degree program

Undergrad: University of Kentucky

Fast Fact: Annie is an industrial hemp activist

“The Monterey Institute professors...really do understand what the U.S. Fulbright is working with and what they are looking for in applications.”

As an industrial hemp activist, Annie Rouse (MBA/MAIEP '15) is used to the smirks and jokes.  But the Kentucky native is completely serious about using the seeds, oil and fiber from hemp to impact the world and the environment.  That's why she's going as a Fulbright Scholar to Canada to study the plant.

“I’m so excited to go study the industrial hemp industry and get the Fulbright," says Annie. "It’s obviously a great opportunity for me and it’s also giving me the chance to use the knowledge I’ve gained while at MIIS and put that into full force focus studying my passion.”

Annie has been interested in industrial hemp since a young age. Growing up on a farm in Lexington, her dad and other local farmers supported and campaigned for the legalization of it.

"I saw it as an opportunity to develop sustainably and live off the land in a natural way," she says.

Annie Rouse (left) with Fulbright Director Michael Hawes at the University of Calgary.
Annie Rouse (left) with Fulbright Director Michael Hawes at the University of Calgary

Canada has a growing industrial hemp market and the United States currently imports millions of dollars of industrial hemp annually from our neighbors to the north. So, Annie will have a great opportunity in Canada to put to practical use what she has been learning about business and the environment as a part of the Joint MBA/International Environmental Policy program at the Monterey Institute.

“The combination of business and environment is one of the things that drew me to the Monterey Institute," Annie says. "It’s something that is very unique to the area and it separates itself from other schools."

Annie says that the Monterey Institute professors are also a great help when applying for the Fulbright. "Because they have so many people that are accepted for a Fulbright annually, they have this whole idea down," says Annie. "They get what Fulbright wants and I was able to apply it directly into my application.”

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