Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Appreciating Different Cultures and Customs

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Sendy Ramos

April 22, 2013

<p>Sendy is helping to introduce Mexican culture through events and programs in Denmark.</p>


Before enrolling at the Monterey Institute, Sendy graduated from Chico State University with a BS in Business Administration (Finance), a BA in Spanish, and a BA in Latin American Studies. She is a bilingual Spanish-English speaker, and is currently attempting to master Danish. Her travels have let her to Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Denmark, France, Norway, Sweden and the Czech Republic. She loves to indulge herself in each culture and hopes that her future career will provide her with more opportunities for travel. She loves anything from bungee jumping to relaxing on a beach and reading a novel.

After completing her program, Sendy plans to backpack through South America, where her breath will be taken away no doubt as she admires: ancient ruins, cities, and cultures; and later again will be awed by immense waterfalls, untouched terrain, amazing landscape, and miles of majestic blue coastline.

Sendy began traveling after she studied abroad for the first time and she hopes to be able to inspire students to travel abroad, to venture into the wild and appreciate different cultures and customs.


“During the first month I had a week of training that included meeting with staff members and signing confidentiality agreements. Additionally, I worked alongside the culture department in finalizing the necessary arrangements for a stand at the "Ferie & Fritid" at the Bella Center in Copenhagen. It’s been a great learning experience and I have had to ride bike in the snow for the first time. I have been working on updating the Embassy’s education site and translating documents into
Spanish. I am helping introduce Mexican culture through events and programs in Denmark."