Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Arnold Africot

Arnold Africot

March 21, 2017

Arnold is completed his M.A. in International Environmental Policy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies and was a 2015 IPSS fellow. 

Below is a description of Arnold's IPSS experience at the Santa Lucia Conservancy in Carmel, California and his career goals.

"My experience as an IPSS intern at the Santa Lucia Conservancy has been overwhelmingly positive and my learning expectations have been surpassed. My internship has had a twofold focus: 1) establishing baseline data for monitoring the grassland response and plant diversity from rotational grazing at the Santa Lucia Preserve and 2) developing a framework of assessing the impact of rotational cattle grazing on the Preserve’s grassland."

"I have been exposed and utilized new biodiversity conservation technologies, including PC-ORD, software used for multivariate analysis of ecological data. I have been in contact with panoply of individuals and institutions, partners of the Conservancy that play a crucial role in protecting biodiversity in general and endangered species in particular. Along with developing a powerful professional network in the conservation realm, this internship has also enhanced my professional skillsets in Excel, ArcGIS, and R (programming language for statistical computing)."

"After my fellowship at the end of August 2015, I plan to use the knowledge I have gained at both the Santa Lucia Conservancy and the Institute and return to my home country of Haiti to help combat the extreme deforestation issue thereby protect the rich biodiversity of the country and improve the lives of millions of Haitians."