Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Benjamin Volcsko

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March 21, 2017

"My name is Benjamin Volcsko and I am a third year dual B.A./M.A. (International Studies and Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies) student at MIIS. I am currently fulfilling my IPSS Fellowship by serving 6-months as a special projects research intern at the NATO HUMINT Centre of Excellence in Oradea, Romania. During my IPSS tour, I have contributed to the development of HUMINT doctrine, assisted in developing new operational capabilities and conducted research for improving and expanding existing NATO HUMINT operations into new areas. I attended a number of NATO conferences throughout Europe where I presented my research findings and introduced new conceptual approaches to overcome existing challenges for NATO HUMINT operations and hypothetical means to more effectively answer NATO’s intelligence requirements."

NATO HUMINT Staff"My IPSS tour and experience at the NATO HUMINT Centre of Excellence has provided me with exposure, familiarity and understanding of how intelligence operations, specifically HUMINT operations, are planned and conducted within the NATO structure. I also had the opportunity to attend several training and certification courses where I worked with HUMINT professionals from various NATO nations. This chance to collaborate and share ideas with other intelligence professionals from around the world offered me great insight into the process of standardizing and integrating the unique approaches and methodologies relevant to the field of HUMINT. Overall, my IPSS experience at the NATO HUMINT Centre of Excellence was a worthwhile one that I feel has added a special, international component to my previous educational and professional experiences. This IPSS tour greatly expanded my knowledge base and provided a unique experience that I am confident will allow me to more successfully pursue the future career goals that I desire."