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MIIS Alumnus Celebrates Ph.D. Supervised by… MIIS Alumnus

Dr. Sasaki and Dr. Takeuchi

Dr. Akihiko Sasaki (MATESOL ’03) with Dr. Osamu Takeuchi (MATESOL ’92)

September 26, 2012

Dr. Akihiko Sasaki (MATESOL ’03) met Dr. Osamu Takeuchi (MATESOL ’92) in 1998 when he made his first presentation at the national conference of the Japanese Association for Language Education and Technology (LET).

Dr. Takeuchi has ever since supported the younger professional’s aspirations to follow in his footsteps, becoming his mentor and friend. “He supported my academic work and encouraged me to attend a prominent TESOL program in the United States to further broaden my perspective on foreign language education and research,” the newly minted Dr. Akihiko Sasaki shares. The program he recommended was at -- “of course” -- the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Fascinated by CALL, or computer-mediated communication in English language teaching and learning, Akihiko began working on his doctoral thesis under the supervision of Dr. Takeuchi in 2007. On September 18, he obtained his doctoral degree and at his side was his mentor of 14 years, Dr. Takeuchi. Now that’s what we call a true alumni mentorship!

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