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Caitlin Cali: MBA Alumna Discovers the Power of Storytelling through Social Media


Caitlin (MBA '10) conducts social media analysis for international and domestic businesses as a Senior Analyst for NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey joint venture.

November 23, 2010

Whether one voice or a thousand voices, there is always a story to be told.

A typical day at The Women's International Perspective begins in the best way possible: with a hug from baby Daniel. Founder and CEO of The WIP, Kate Daniels, is not only a motivated entrepreneur but also a proud mother to the most beautiful 1-year old I've ever seen. But perhaps I'm a little biased.

After my hug I begin my job as The WIP's Talk Blog Editor, a position I earned after my International Business Plan at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) turned into a long-term internship and finally an editorial position. Checking my emails, I find blogs sent to me from Beverly Bell in Haiti, a motivated and dedicated journalist who has been living in the country ever since the earthquake. Dr. Cesar Chelala sends me a vignette about his native Argentina that brings tears to my eyes, but I smile at his hearty “saludos” and his affectionate name for me: “Amiga Caitlin.” Mansha Noor from Pakistan is now a Facebook friend who checks in on me from time to time, even though he has only written for the blog once.

This typical day in a tiny Monterey office is why I still volunteer as the Talk Blog Editor for The WIP, even though I now work as a Senior Analyst for NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey joint venture, and live in Seattle, Washington. Now my office is a little bigger, and my work brings me to San Francisco and New York instead of Figueroa Street, but I have my job because of what I discovered at the Monterey Institute.

Working in social media analysis means I get to speak with major companies not only domestically but internationally as well. They come to NM Incite because they care about what is happening in consumer dominated spaces online. They want to know what is being discussed on Twitter, who blogs about their industry, and why are there so many “likes” on their Facebook page? What I do for them is something I learned to do at the Institute: think internationally, analyze, and tell the story.

I let voices in different languages and from different countries be heard in an international space - something that would never have been possible without the Monterey Institute MBA program, where I was surrounded by diverse students who continue to impress me with a plethora of interests, abilities, and countries-visited under their belts.

Whether working with a Spanish-speaking client in Mexico or emailing a Talk Blog contributor in India, I now consider myself to be a storyteller, explaining and sharing, even if only one voice at a time.

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