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Sustainable Business Practices in Action: MIIS Student Describes Amazing Summer at Nike

MIIS Student Describes Amazing Summer at Nike

Christa Thoeresz (MBA ’11) tries out her long jump at Crater Lake.

October 21, 2010

As a native of Portland, Oregon and a life-long athlete, Christa Thoeresz (MBA ’11) is no stranger to the world of Nike. This summer though, she got to experience Nike from the inside, working with the company‘s Sustainable Business and Innovation team in an effort to take sustainable business practices to the next level and fully integrate them into all aspects of the business. It was “intense,” says Christa, who really enjoyed the “incredible culture” of Nike.

One of the greatest benefits of landing a serious internship with a company like Nike, according to Christa, is the experience you get working in such a fast-paced high-level environment with incredibly smart people.  She got to hob-nob with famous athletes like the Manchester City soccer team from England and basketball great LeBron James, whom she ran into in the hallway.  “He asked me if he could use the bathroom we were standing next to, but it was a women´s bathroom.  I told him he might be better off using the one around the corner.  I didn‘t realize it was him until after he had left and all the people around me told me who I had been talking to.” At least as important were the lasting connections Christa made with people in the field that she plans to enter after graduation. With her energy and sharp wit, Christa is sure to “just do it.”


Christa Thoeresz is an absolute rockstock.

A little corny but definitely cool!

Hope Christa can make her way back to Nike post grad, and not just to give directions to athletes! :)

Christa Thoeresz will take on any challenge she is committed to, will give 500% effort, and inspire everyone around her. Committment, Leadership, Inspiration and Fun define Christa Thoeresz.

Yeah, agreed. If that girl was any sweeter she would have her own planet.

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