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MIIS Launches New Affinity Group: the International Leadership Council

New Affinity Group: the International Leadership Council

The International Leadership Council gathered for its inaugural meeting in Monterey on Sept. 11.

September 14, 2010

With timing befitting a group designed to support the Monterey Institute’s efforts to build bridges of understanding between nations and cultures, the Institute’s new International Leadership Council (ILC) met for the first time in Monterey on September 11.

The ILC is made up of international leaders who are active professionals in fields including policy, business, education, language, the non-profit sector, and government. Members are appointed by the Monterey Institute Board of Governors after nomination by the president of the Institute.

The group’s initial meeting featured a showcase highlighting academic and research programs at the Monterey Institute, as well as an operational overview of the campus, and a brainstorming session with the Institute’s academic deans.

The mission of the International Leadership Council is to support the mission and goals of the Monterey Institute of International Studies as a professional graduate school preparing students for careers in cross-cultural, multilingual environments, through the creation and development of academic and professional opportunities for Institute students in collaboration with the Institute’s academic leadership, and also through participation in efforts to increase the Institute’s national and international profile.

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