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Joseph Huang: One Japanese/English Interpreter's Journey

Joseph Huang

Joseph utilizes his translation and interpretation skills to bring design into reality at Honda America.

May 19, 2010

Joseph Huang (TLM '07) shares his experience as an interpreter and translator for Honda America:

I was born in Taiwan, but grew up in Orange County. I didn't even study Japanese until my senior year in college. Then living and working in Japan for 5 years provided me with the opportunity to develop and fine-tune my language skills.

I pursued a graduate degree at the Monterey Institute to take advantage of my language ability and passion for helping people from different cultures understand each other. There is no better option than becoming an interpreter and translator!

Even though my studies focused on Translation and Localization Management (TLM), I continued to take consecutive as well as simultaneous interpretation classes during my second year, which turned out to be helpful as 60% of my current job is interpretation.

As a Japanese-English translator and interpreter, I work with Honda America's Drive Train Component division that manufactures automatic transmission gears and 4WD units. The job can be challenging because I have no prior engineering or technical background, nonetheless it's rewarding to be part of the team that turns design into reality. I've also had the opportunity to interpret for the President of Honda North America when he visited the plant as well as for Chinese government auditors who oversee the export of vehicles to China.

Simultaneous interpretation skills and a strong desire to continuously learn are essential for my success as an in-house translator and interpreter at Honda America.

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