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Professor Jason Scorse Elected to Otter Project Board

Jason Scorse

Jason Scorse

March 25, 2010

Professor Jason Scorse, chair of the International Environmental Policy Program at MIIS, has been elected to the board of directors of the Otter Project, where he joins Allison Ford (MAIEP ’09),  executive director of the Otter Project, and fellow MIIS Professor Kris Lindstrom, also a board member. 

The Otter Project is a Monterey-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the rapid recovery of the California sea otter, an indicator of near shore ocean health, by facilitating research and communicating research results to the general public and policy makers.

Professor Scorse is very excited about the policy advocacy focus of the Otter Project and hopes to contribute to the preservation of  sea otters and related issues such as ocean conservation through his expertise in environmental and agricultural economics.

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Congratulations Proff. Scorse for the election the Otter Board.

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