Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

As a faculty member since 1989 of Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, I have always been a proud member of our ethnically and culturally diverse community, including the international students who have enriched our academic experience with their gift of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and aspirations. I have also been teaching International Migration and Human Security over the last ten years, learning and teaching about the growing importance of international migration and the human security challenges it presents to both migrants and their communities of origin and destination. Also, as an immigrant myself, I find the issues of international migration and human security very important not only as subjects of intellectual inquiry but also as matters of personal relevance. Finally, I have been blessed with life-changing experiences as a high school exchange student and as a college exchange student in this country. I only wish every young person in the world would have such wonderful, albeit often challenging opportunities. For these reasons I cannot be prouder of the Middlebury community and its commitment to support the undocumented students among us against the uncertain and potentially harmful changes that the new political balance of power in Washington and around the country might represent. I congratulate Dr. Patten and other members of the Middlebury leadership on the statement of unwavering commitment to support these students and express my most enthusiastic endorsement. I stand ready to do everything that I can to realize this commitment.