Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

From the day, Peter was hospitalised, the day was never passed without his thought and
kindness in my heart. Our wonderful realtionship of American father and Bhutanese daughter dates back to 2005. He has been vsisting us all this 8 years to Bhutan to meet us (his three wonderful Bhutanese daughters) I feel like a dream, just this year january only, we met in Bhutan and had a nice time with him, having dinner together and sharing our life with him. He has been very kind to me for all those years and to hear his demise is very heavy news for us. Infact, he is the light of all our family. He have such a great soul that no one will be equal to him. We are very lucky to have him as our Dad.Maybe in the past generation, i did very good things so that god has blessed with me with such a great human, Peter Grothe as my Dad.

He has such a wonderful soul and he treat eveyone as his child and has a love for all. His book with the theme "every child is my child" encapsulate the whole peter's heart. Infact, Sonam, Sangay and myself, we are three wonderful daughters for Dad, we are very grateful and thankful to him.

i know we cannot see him and hear him but he can see us and hear us, i am definate that his soul is very happy with what we all are doing for him and remembering him as a wonderful soul.

I am praying that let his soul reborn in the land of God called God of limitless light (Sangay Yepamey) that is the highest place of rebirth we as a buddhist aspires to reborn after our death.Till i depart from this earth, i will be dedicating all my prayer to him and his kindness. All his goodness and kindness is engraved in all our heart, it will remain forver with me and go with me when i die.
I can never forget his two kind words i.e ‘’No Tobacco and No Wild Disco” I love you 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000, unlimited times, infinites times and unconditionally.

Nothing more to write as my heart is filled with love and tears at the moment.
anyways, billion times.... OM Mani Padme Hung! Om Mani Padme Hung!........for his soul.