Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

One of my first MIIS memories during new student student orientation in Fall of 1994 was of Professor Peter Grothe. I warmly recall his kind, gentle, and humble personality. Yet I also remember that he was one of the most brilliant and knowledgeable people I have ever met. He always had an "open office" to all, readily willing to offer not only his expertise, but also a kind word of encouragement when we all were dealing with the "crunch time" of finishing up research papers, projects, and exams. Whenever I remember the wonderful times I had as a graduate student at MIIS, I also remember Professor Grothe being such an intrical and inseparable part of MIIS and my education there. In a way, it was as if what MIIS was and what defined MIIS were never fully complete without him. You could not have one without the other. True, lide moves on, and we experience change and transition. Yet, our memories of Peter Grothe will never fade away. Yet, I also realize now that MIIS will indeed never be the same.

Godspeed and Clear Horizons, Friend

- Jevan Ellis
MAIPS Class of 1996