Edwena Smith Taylor (not verified)

The Choice to Serve

Though I was not able to attend this wonderful event, I was overwhelmed with joy in knowledge that my choice to serve was so validated. When a youth desirous of serving our country as an Air Force woman, due to parental guidance I chose Peace Corps as an alternative path of service. The 50 years celebration of continued success of Peace Corps in its global aspirations, goals and objectives was a heartwarming experience. It is very likely that after another projected 21 years service in career aspirations as an industrial psychologist, I shall reenter the Peace Corps for a culminating experience of "The Choice to Serve". I am so grateful that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy implemented this invaluable global avenue of humanitarian service and that all my fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, Returned Corps Volunteers and the voluminious other stakeholder that has made the organization a viable, strong, integral corp of America's history are keeping these attributes alive and well. As the eternal flames remain ever alive at the graveside of President Kennedy, may Peace Corps remain an eternal flame of love, humanity and human service to mankind in the global context of world history.

Edwena Smith (Kondowe formerly) Taylor

February 06, 2014 @ 8:51 am


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