Learn more about the Chris Puder's experience in the International Policy Studies program at MIIS.

The MIIS Experience in 60 Seconds

April 9, 2014

Chris Puder is a graduate student at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, pursuing a degree in International Policy Studies, in the track of Human Securities and Development, with a career focus in Armed Violence and Development.

In this snapshot of his experience at MIIS, he talks about going to the United Nations for a week to sit in on general session meetings and observe the process of developing an international treaty. In the future, he'd like to be a country director of a major development organization, and says: "If any place can give you the skills to do that, it would be the Monterey Institute."

For more information about the MA in International Policy Studies program, visit http://go.miis.edu/ips

"The MIIS Experience in 60 Seconds" features a different student each week from a range of degree programs offered at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. In these short videos, the students elaborate on topics such as why they chose to come to MIIS, what has surprised them about the Monterey Institute, what kinds of cool things they've been involved in—both on and off campus, and more.

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