Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Promoting U.S. Education as an Export

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Lauren Brereton

April 22, 2013

<p>Lauren is a bilingual Spanish-English speaker and after the Monterey Insitute, Lauren hopes to pursue a career in International Education.</p>


After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Family Studies from the University of Maryland, Lauren went on to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru. During her time there she worked as a Community Health Volunteer, coordinating education programs with local health workers and facilitating innovative teaching methods.

Lauren later worked for a contractor at the World Bank, but her passion for teaching and serving the community continued to grow, so she decided to pursue her master's in education where she enrolled in the TESOL program at the Monterey Institute, but later switched her program to International Education Management (IEM).

Lauren is a bilingual Spanish-English speaker and after graduating from the Monterey Institute, Lauren hopes to pursue a career in International Education, although she has not yet chosen an aspect of the field that she would like to specialize in. Therefore, she intends to continue to explore career options and find her niche.

Lauren has a passion for dancing and music, especially Latin dance.


“I work primarily with the Trade Specialist (U.S. Export Expert) that focuses on the education sector and help with projects that promote U.S. education as an export. In March there will be a workshop and conference that I will be helping with for Business owners that will be conducted in English and Spanish. I will also be working on is a Virtual Education Fair with education agents in Indonesia, France, Spain and the U.S. I also made contact with a person at Florida International University about a potential partnership with Osaka International University.”