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Stephen I. Schwartz

Editor, The Nonproliferation Review

Stephen I. Schwartz is Editor of The Nonproliferation Review (NPR), the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) journal. He has previously served as Publisher and Executive Director of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Guest Scholar and Project Director with the Foreign Policy Studies program at the Brookings Institution, Washington Representative for the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, Legislative Director for Nuclear Campaigns with Greenpeace USA, and Associate Director of the Council on Nuclear Affairs. Mr. Schwartz is the author of Nuclear Security Spending: Assessing Costs, Examining Priorities(2009). He is also the editor and co-author of Atomic Audit: The Costs and Consequences of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Since 1940 (1998) and he contributed the foreword to The Doomsday Scenario: The Official Doomsday Scenario Written by the United States Government During the Cold War(2002).

Mr. Schwartz's current research interests include the history and costs of the U.S. nuclear weapons program, the maintenance and modernization of U.S. nuclear delivery systems, nuclear warheads, and the nuclear weapons production complex, U.S. nuclear doctrine and strategy, nuclear arms control and disarmament initiatives, and the depiction of nuclear weapons and nuclear war in film and on television. A nationally recognized writer and nuclear weapons policy analyst, Mr. Schwartz has written for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Boston Globe, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the Journal of Cold War Studies, New Perspectives Quarterly, and the Chicago Tribune, among others. He has also appeared on "60 Minutes," CNN, National Public Radio's "All Things Considered," and "Talk of the Nation," Public Radio International's "The World" and "To the Point," American Public Media's "Marketplace" and "Marketplace Morning Report," and in several documentaries about nuclear weapons broadcast on the History Channel, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, and the Learning Channel. He has also lectured before governmental and non-governmental audiences in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan, Russia, and China. Mr. Schwartz holds a B.A. in Sociology (summa cum laude and college honors) with a minor in Politics from the University of California at Santa Cruz.


Nuclear Policy, Nuclear Control, Communications and Intelligence (C3I), Nuclear Weapons Budgets, Nuclear Weapons and Terrorism, Strategic Arms Control, National and Theater/Ballistic Missile Defenses

Stephen I. Schwartz Interviewed on Fox Business Regarding Nuclear Crisis in Japan

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