Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Mahmoud I. Abdalla

Associate Professor and Coordinator, Arabic Studies Program 

Email: mabdalla@miis.edu

Expertise: Applied Linguistics, Language Education, Teacher Training

<p>Christiane Abel, Assistant Professor, French Translation and Interpretation</p>

Christiane Abel

Assistant Professor, French Translation and Interpretation

Email: cabel@miis.edu

Expertise: Translation and Interpretation, International Development, International Humanitarian Law

<p>Netta Avineri, Visiting Professor, TESOL/TFL</p>

Netta Avineri

Visiting Professor, TESOL/TFL

Email: navineri@miis.edu

Expertise: Heritage Languages, Language & Immigration, Community-based Learning & Civic Engagement

<p>Maria Jesús Iglesias Barca, Lecturer in Spanish</p>

Maria Jesús Iglesias Barca

Lecturer, Spanish

Email: miglesiasbarca@miis.edu

Expertise: Linguistics, Teaching Spanish, Translation


Abdelkader Berrahmoun

Assistant Professor, Arabic

Email: aberrahmoun@miis.edu

Expertise: Language Acquisition, Colonialism and Post-Colonialism in North Africa, Political Islam in North Africa


Edgard Coly

Assistant Professor, French

Email: ecoly@miis.edu

Expertise: Modern African Political, Security, and Cultural Affairs

<p>Michael Jacobs, Professor, Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation</p>

Michael Jacobs

Visiting Lecturer

Email: mjacobs@miis.edu

Expertise: Accent Reduction, Public Speaking, Professional Acting

<p>Heekyeong Lee, Assistant Professor, TESOL/TFL</p>

Heekyeong Lee

Assistant Professor, TESOL/TFL

Email: hlee@miis.edu

Expertise: Language Teacher Education, Second Language Acquisition, Learner Agency and Identity

<p>Jason Martel, Assistant Professor, TESOL/TFL</p>

Jason Martel

Assistant Professor, TESOL/TFL

Email: jmartel@miis.edu

Expertise: Language Teacher Education, Content and Language Integration, Teacher Identity

<p>Barry Slaughter Olsen, Assistant Professor, Translation and Interpretation</p>

Barry Slaughter Olsen

Assistant Professor, Translation and Interpretation

Email: barry.olsen@miis.edu

Expertise: Translation and Interpreting Technology, Translator and Interpreter Training, Multilingual Negotiations

<p>Thor Sawin, Assistant Professor, TESOL/TFL</p>

Thor Sawin

Assistant Professor, TESOL/TFL

Email: tsawin@miis.edu

Expertise: Field-based Language Learning, Language and Globalization, Language in International Organizations

<p>Max Troyer, Assistant Professor, Translation and Localization Management</p>

Max Troyer

Assistant Professor, Translation and Localization Management

Email: mtroyer@miis.edu

Expertise: Software Localization, Computer-Assisted Translation Tools, Localization Training

<p>Lisa Molle Troyer, Adjunct Professor, French Translation and Interpretation</p>

Lisa Molle Troyer

Adjunct Professor, French Translation and Interpretation

Email: lmolletroyer@miis.edu

Expertise: Conference Interpretation, French-English Translation, Computer-Assisted Translation