Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Formerly the Monterey Institute of International Studies

Jason Scorse

Associate Professor, International Environmental Policy; Director, Center for the Blue Economy

Email: jason.scorse@miis.edu

Expertise: Environmental & Natural Resource Economics, Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, Behavioral Economics, International Economics & Development

<p>Jeff Langholz, Professor, Graduate School of International Policy and Management</p>

Jeff Langholz

Professor, International Environmental Policy

Email: jeff.langholz@miis.edu

Expertise: Nature Conservation, Environmental Policy, Private Sector Role


Michael Vincent McGinnis

Associate Profesor, International Environmental Policy

Email: mmcginnis@miis.edu

Expertise: Marine Policy, Climate Change, Water/Watershed Planning


Gireesh Shrimali

Assistant Professor, International Environmental Policy

Email: gshrimali@miis.edu

Expertise:  Economics, Policy, and Business of Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development

<p>Lyuba Zarsky, Associate Professor, International Environmental Policy and International Management</p>

Lyuba Zarsky

Associate Professor, International Environmental Policy and International Master of Business Administration

Email: lyuba.zarsky@miis.edu

Expertise: Business and Sustainability, Coastal Climate Resilience, Sustainable Growth