Edward J. Salazar, PhD

International Affairs Professional

Dr. Salazar is an independent consultant engaged in international public relations, cultural diplomacy and international security affairs. A former diplomat for the U.S. Department of State, he has had a wide variety of assignments and responsibilities across a spectrum of international functional and geographic areas. Recently he worked with the U.S. Embassy in London coordinating the activities of numerous U.S. agencies with British authorities to ensure the safe, secure and successful U.S. participation in the London Olympics. Just prior, at the Foreign Service Institute in Washington, Ed was preparing and delivering seminars for senior diplomats and interagency executives on the most pressing global challenges to U.S. diplomacy in the 21st century.

Ed spent most of his career in the Foreign Service engaged in the politics and diplomacy of the Cold War. During 1984-89 he served as a Soviet foreign policy analyst and then on the "Soviet Desk," where he managed exchanges and cooperation during the heyday of the Gorbachev era. Posted to Moscow during 1989-92, as a political officer there he became engaged in the events leading up to and including the 1991 coup attempt that brought down the Soviet Union. Returning to Washington in 1992, Ed was detailed to the personal staff of Sen. Paul Simon as a foreign policy advisor before returning to State to lead the "Ukraine Desk,” where he was involved in virtually every aspect of efforts to remove nuclear weapons from Ukraine. He returned to Moscow in 1998 to become head of the Embassy's internal political reporting section, then the largest in the world. From Moscow he went on to the U.S. Mission to NATO, where he helped to implement landmark agreements with Moscow to build new mechanisms of trust and cooperation between Russia and the Allies, and between NATO and Partner countries. From Brussels he returned to Embassy Moscow in 2003 where he had back-to-back assignments as Press Attaché and Cultural Affairs Officer.

Currently, Ed is engaged in numerous projects with a number of countries in areas ranging from national infrastructure development to trade and tourism promotion, from film production to national reputation management. Ed has a PhD and MA in international affairs from Claremont Graduate School and a BA in international policy studies from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. He has served on the Board of Advisors for the National Language Resource Center and currently serves on the International Leadership Council of the Monterey Institute of International Studies. He has taught at Georgetown University, Pomona College and the Monterey Institute and has guest lectured at countless venues during the course of his career. Ed speaks Spanish, Russian, and French. A U.S. Air Force Vietnam veteran, he has a broad range of previous experience, including work as a search and rescue pilot and as a state Presidential campaign leader. He is a native of Santa Fe, New Mexico, where his family has lived for over 300 years.