Daniel E. Cort

As CEO of the Cort Companies, Dan Cort has been actively involved in the renovation of historic real estate in Northern California for the past 30 years.  Cort Companies has purchased and restored over a million square feet of historic office and retail space in California.  The company’s focus is on revitalizing neighborhoods and downtown cores, with the emphasis on the Urban Village.  The Cort Companies has been a major force in reversing the trend from urban sprawl to the infill of our recovering central urban areas.

Mr. Cort holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of the Pacific.  He lectures throughout the United States on the preservation of our inner cities, and housing and job creation.  As a consultant for public agencies revitalizing their downtowns, Mr. Cort offers new approaches to the renewal of our cities.

Dan Cort was the mayor of Pacific Grove and actively led the city in green and sustainable practices.  Mr. Cort and his wife started “Trees for PG”, which involved the replanting of 2,000 trees in the urban forest.  He is co-founder of Sustainable  PG, a local environmental action group which has developed a local green cleaning products program, a recycling program and ban on styrofoam.

Dan Cort resides in Pacific Grove with his wife and son.  He is the author of Downtown Turnar4ound: Lessons for a New Urban Landscape, which is due out in 2010.