Monterey Institute of International Studies

Catherine Lee

Head of Strategy
Höegh Autoliners

Catherine Lee is currently the Head of Strategy and a member of the senior management team at Höegh Autoliners, a global shipping company based in Oslo, Norway.

Prior to joining Höegh, Catherine worked as a merger integration consultant to Middlebury College on its affiliation and merger with Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS).

Catherine’s career has focused on international mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and management. She has been advisor to the CEO and member of the management team of EUKOR, a global shipping company based in Seoul, Korea. As a banker with Citigroup in London, she advised on the transaction that created EUKOR from a division of Hyundai Merchant Marine. Earlier in her career, Catherine also worked for JP Morgan in New York.

Catherine graduated from Middlebury College and received a Master of International Affairs degree from Columbia University. She also has earned a certificate in leadership coaching from Georgetown University. She speaks Korean and Russian and has studied French, Spanish, and Japanese.

Catherine served on the MIIS Board of Trustees from 2006 to 2008.