Message from the Chair

I believe the Monterey Institute of International Studies to be an exceptional graduate school, uniquely positioned to prepare students to become leaders in the international arena. I believe that the integration of the Monterey Institute and Middlebury College is an opportunity for our two institutions, together, to make a powerful difference in the world.

Having united complementary missions alongside separate and distinct educational opportunities for our students, we readily acknowledge that there is no academic model to follow, little groundwork on which to set the path we are traveling. So we are in the process of creating our own model, setting our own cornerstones, confident that our combined vision and experience will yield an outcome others will one day follow.

The architecture of our new landscape takes time. During the next five years, our vision must be focused on how we can position ourselves to deliver an outstanding product to our students, a product that serves a multitude of needs and expectations, yet is unique to the marketplace, a product that will distinguish us from other exceptional institutions of higher learning.

Our goal is to maintain the independence of the Monterey Institute in terms of academic curriculum, pedagogy, and reputation, while enhancing connections to and complementarity with Middlebury College’s legacy as one of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges. With the Monterey Institute now a graduate school of Middlebury College, we are headed into a whole new realm of wide-ranging opportunities, and we’re excited to be going there together.

William Henry Kieffer, III

Retired Executive
State Street Corporation, Boston, MA
Chair, Board of Governors, Monterey Institute
Member, Board of Trustees, Middlebury College